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Heart and Gold


We know how important food is to family life – shared meals and conversations, lovingly made dishes. This is why healthy eating and living is a priority for us, and why we are excited and proud to support HEART UK.

HEART UK is the UK’s leading charity dedicated to providing support, guidance and education to individuals and families who have concerns about their cholesterol levels.

From October we are joining forces to raise awareness of cholesterol, particularly among South Asians, for National Cholesterol Month. According to *British Heart Foundation statistics , South Asians are at a particularly higher risk due to a combination of high risk genetics, diet and lack of physical activity.

We are committed to raising awareness about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and the effects of cholesterol on all of us –which can help prevent cardiovascular disease early on.

We’ll be supporting HEART UK and launching a series of health and wellbeing initiatives.

In the weeks to follow, get ready for lots of engaging and really useful content – health tips, healthy recipes, product information and super promotions.

We will keep posting these on this site and on our social media pages, so follow, like and share to spread the good word.


Over 50 Years Of Experience In Perfectly Puffed Chapattis


Made From 100%
Whole Wheat


Stone Ground Into The Tiniest Softest Grains Of Atta


Elephant Atta Chakki Gold is the Two Star Winner of Great Taste Award 2016

* Allender S, Peto V, Scarborough P et al. (2007) Coronary heart disease statistics 2007 edition. London: British Heart Foundation

About Chakki Gold

chakki ornament
So, say hello to feeling lighter and brighter!

Thousands of families across the UK come together every day around the dining table and enjoy traditional soft and fluffy chapattis, made with Elephant Atta and a lot of love. In fact, a home cooked South Asian meal isn’t complete without it!

Love Your Heart

Our heart gives us the experience of love in this world. Don’t you agree it’s time to love it back?

Cholesterol and the heart go hand in hand, but unfortunately, cholesterol is usually seen as the bad guy. It’s actually vital for health, but too much of it causes our arteries to narrow and become blocked. This narrowing is what causes angina or a heart attack.

But wait, don’t fret, because the good news is that a healthy diet and lifestyle can dramatically cut down the risk.

A healthy diet can be rich in vegetables, fruit, whole grains and low in saturated fat, sugar and salt. In fact, did you know, whole grains naturally provide much more fibre and higher levels of most vitamins and minerals than refined grains?

By making small changes to what you choose to eat, you’ll be filling you and your family’s heart with love and your stomach with goodness.

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Nutrition And Health

Small Changes Make Big Differences

Choosing how to cook traditional South Asian foods for yourself and your family will make a big difference to your nutrition and health. Cooking in healthier oils such as rapeseed, olive, corn or sunflower, using low fat yogurt, serving lots of vegetables and high fibre rice and chapattis can make a world of difference.

This is why we have launched Elephant Atta Chakki Gold – made for you without compromising on health or taste.

When you’re choosing to make chapattis, you can make them healthier by using whole-wheat flour. Unlike refined flours, Elephant Atta Chakki Gold flour is 100% whole wheat and contains the entire grain. It is known to have great health benefits – it contains essential fibre and is low in saturated fat, which helps to keep your gut and digestion healthy.

Elephant Atta Chakki Gold complements the flavours of your favourite dals, pickles and curries while giving a light, fluffy texture that’s packed with healthy benefits for all to enjoy.

Healthy, Tasty Recipes


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